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What you need to know about securityphrases and delegates:

In order to protect your privacy, the University has various checks in place to verify your identity. Transactions that involve your personal information require:

  • A photo ID, if you are seeking information in person.
  • A secure password, if you login to various online systems, including Banner (Access).
  • A securityphrase, if you are trying to verify your identity over the telephone.

The adding, changing or removing of a securityphrase and/or delegates is the sole responsibility of the student. The only way this can be done is by logging in to this website with a secure password.

A Securityphrase will...

  • Allow you to reset your password.
  • Allow you (or anyone you give your securityphrase) to request or have conversations about your personal information over the telephone, if the person to whom you are speaking has access to verify your securityphrase.

A Delegate...

  • May act on your behalf at USU.

    Which means a delegate may...
    • Have full access to your information.
    • Change or update your information, including your password.
    • Access your information in Banner (Access), including your grades and finances.
    • Add or drop classes on your behalf.

A delegate is especially useful for, but not limited to, students who may be taking a leave of absence from the University for church or military service. If you plan to take a leave of absence, a delegate can assist you in making a smooth transition back to USU by acting on your behalf.

If you have questions or need assistance please visit the Securityphrase FAQ or contact the IT Service Desk at:

Phone: 435.797.HELP (4357)
Toll Free: 1.877.878.8325
Utah State University Information Technology